Using the localization and relocalization workflows


This section is for ROS users

Localization interfaces with the ROS navigation stack.

Using Localization with Teleoperation

The localization stream is by default locked to center on the device's pose and orientation.

When in operate mode with a device configured for localization and teleoperation (i.e. Publish goal and Cancel Goal topics have been provided) the operator may select a new target position for the robot simply by clicking on the location on the map.

If the optional Goal topic has been provided it will appear as in the image above as a dot. Similarly, if the optional Path topic has been setup the planned path will display between the device's current pose and the goal pose.

During execution of a planned move the operator may select the Cancel or Pause buttons on the localization workflow toolbar.

If a movement has been paused, the operator may either cancel or resume using the toolbar as well.

Note that both relocalization and localization may be used in either primary or sidebar views, but many operators may find that the sidebar view is too small to utilize.

Using Relocalization

If a relocalization initial pose topic has been setup you may also select the relocalization button on the localization toolbar.

When in relocalization, the view will re-orient itself to the supplied Base reference frame from the localization stream setup steps.

Relocalization is possible without a Point cloud topics topic(s) configured, but having a scan topic will give the operator critical feedback for using relocalizaiton.

To re-orient the device the operator is given arrows to drag the device along each 2D axis, a square to free-translate along that 2D plane, and a semi-circle to rotate the device. Clicking and dragging any of these will result in the scan topic translating/rotating with the device so the operator may use the scan points to align to features in the map.

Selecting the check on the relocalization section of the toolbar will commit this new pose (publish on the topic you've provided in the relocalization step) whereas selecting the X will cancel that relocalization action and return you to the regular navigation workflow.

Note that this new pose is relative to the supplied topic in the 'Base reference frameoption of theROS Localization Stream` setup for navigation.


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