Configure Google SSO

This guide will teach you how to configure single sign-on access for users with Google accounts. Once configured, users will be able to log into Formant using their Google accounts, and will be assigned a role in your organization based on your configuration.

Step 1: Enable Google SSO

  1. In Formant, in the upper-left corner, open the menu and click Settings.
  2. Click Users. At the top of the page, click SSO Settings....
  3. Set Google SSO to ON.

Step 2: Configure your domain for SSO

Enter the domain (i.e., the web address at the end of your email address) which is allowed to sign into Formant using Google SSO.


You can only add the domain which corresponds to the email address you're using with Formant.

For example, if the email address associated with your Formant account is [email protected], you can only add the domain Anyone with a Google account that ends with will then be able to sign into your organization using Google SSO.

You can only configure one domain at a time for Google SSO.

Step 3: Configure a default access level for new SSO users

Select either a default team or a default role to apply to users who sign into Formant using Google SSO. When a new user logs into Formant using Google SSO for the first time, they will be added to your organization as a user with the default role or to the default team.

If a user logs into Formant via Google SSO using an email address which is already associated with a user in your organization, a new user will not be created. That user will retain their existing role and access levels.


For more information on roles and teams, see Users, service accounts, and teams.

Step 4: Log in using Google SSO

Users with an email address that matches the domain specified in Step 2 should now be able to log into Formant using Google SSO.

New users who log in with Google SSO will be added to your organization with the default role and (optionally) to the default team you provided in Step 3. You can then change the user's role, team, and access levels as usual.

Disabling Google SSO

If you disable Google SSO, new users will no longer be able to sign into your organization or create an account via Google SSO. Users who already have access through Google SSO will still be able to log in via Google SSO until either their Formant account or their Google account is deleted.


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