Default streams

The Formant agent ingest several default telemetry streams, containing information about the host, agent, and ROS state (if applicable).


Device page visualization of several of Formant's default streams

Stream aliasStream nameDescription
CPU$.host.cpuA numeric set stream with CPU utilization percentage and 1 minute load average.
Memory$.host.memoryA numeric set stream with memory utilization percentage and remaining memory available.
Network$.host.networkA numeric set stream with the total host transmit and receive rate, in Mbps.
Disk$.host.diskA numeric set stream with
Location$.host.geoipAn approximate location stream based on a geoIP lookup of the host.
Agent Buffer$.agent.bufferA numeric set stream with the percent utilization of each of the four agent telemetry data buffers.
Health$.agent.healthA health stream indicating that an agent is online.
N/A$.ros.node_onlineA bitset indicating all online ROS nodes. Will only populate if a roscore is running on the host and accessible by the Formant agent.