Send a text message from Formant with more data

Q: I want to send a text message from Formant with more configuration/metadata than possible with Formant’s default behavior.

  • I want to include additional metadata, such as the location
  • I want to customize the URL it sends, to send a link to a view other than the default view

  1. We will expand the event functionality using a webhook. First we will create a webhook.
  2. Next we will create an event to trigger off a datapoint and send a POST request to the webhook when the event is fired.
  3. We will host a Webhook handler to listen for requests.
  4. The webhook handler will re-ingest a datapoint with the intended text as its payload. We will then fire a different event on the presence of this datapoint.
  5. Configure the event to send an SMS using the {{datapoint_value}} flag.
Example logic using webhooks.

Example logic using webhooks.

Example webhook handler (AWS Lambda)

This is not a functional example, but is intended to act as a general framework for how this webhook handler might be programmed.

import json
from import Client
from import Device
from import IngestionRequest
def process(event):
   # Parse Payload
   request = json.loads(event["body"])
   payload = request["payload"]
   device_id = payload["deviceId"]
   timestamp = payload["timestamp"]
   tags = payload["tags"]

   # Get Device Information
   formant_client = Client()
   device = formant_client.admin.devices.get_device(device_id).parsed
   location = device.tags.additional_properties['location']
   device_name =

   # Format Payload
   url = "" % (device_name, timestamp)
   text_payload = "%s spotted something at %s. Follow the link to see: %s" % (device_name, location, url)

   # Ingest Payload
   ingestion_request = IngestionRequest(device_id, tags, timestamp)

def main(event, context):
   except Exception as error:
       print(f"Failed to process request: {event} {error}")
       return {"statusCode": 500, "body": json.dumps({})}

   return {"statusCode": 200, "body": json.dumps({})}

if __name__ == "__main__":
   main({}, {})

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