Bulk provisioning

When you have multiple devices to add at the same time, you could use our bulk provisioning system.

From the burger menu select Settings ⇒ Devices⇒ Bulk Provision
Specify the following fields before clicking the "Save" button to confirm the additions.

Be sure to specify a device name that is meaningful to your team, as it will be displayed in the UI.

Add tags to your device to describe the item and allow it to be found again by filtering or searching. Tags can be used to filter and aggregate your organization’s data along multiple dimensions.

Choose a configuration template to configure this device. If the Formant agent was installed on a device with a similar configuration, you can reuse the same configuration template to install this device as well. This way, you do not have to configure the agent for any other settings, including streams.

After adding the required number of devices, click on the Save button to generate the respective tokens. Tokens are used for authenticating the agent to the Cloud. Tokens expire after 24 hours. If you do not install the agent prior to 24 hours, use token refresh button on the same page.