Deep Linking - Share with Formant users

You can share specific time slots with users who already have Formant login using deep links. Deep Linking allows a user to craft a URL that links to a dynamically-specified channel view.

This is useful for manually or programmatically linking to a view of your organization’s data without creating a channel beforehand.

Base URL

With no parameters present, the app will automatically redirect to the "all" channel.

The following parameters are supported:

Query String Parameters

channelNameNoLinks to a channel by name (default is #all)
agentIdNoAdds an agent ID to the channel filter
agentId/ deviceId/ deviceNameNoLoad the named device channel, or add this parameter to the ad-hoc channel filter
streamTypeNoAdds a stream type to the channel filter
streamNameNoAdds a stream name to the channel filter
tags[key]NoAdds a tag key/value pair to the channel filter
timeYes, if time zone is providedSets the timeline to the specified time.

Represented as an ISO-8601 timestamp without time zone.

May be a prefix such as 2019-03 or 2019-03-09T15.
timeZoneYes, if time is providedAn IANA/Olson timezone identifier, such as US/Pacific
intervalNoSpecifies the timeline’s resolution as minute, hour, day, or month

Query string parameters must be URL encoded.

If no query string parameters are provided, the base URL will link to the #all channel in live mode.


Linking to a device channel
This URL links to the #device01 channel.

Linking to a regular channel
This URL links to the #batterystates channel with:

a filter to display only numeric telemetry streams from the robot model rosie in the location sf

the timeline set to Saturday, 09-Mar-2019 00:00:00 GMT-0700