Bypass Formant video encoder

Q: We're wondering how we can go about using the h264 bytes we've already encoded from our image streams instead of using Formant's encoding. We would like to remove any excess load on the device, so we'd like to try using the bytestream we already have.

To ingest video data without using the Formant encoder, you must send it using the post_image method of the Formant Agent SDK as follows:
f_client.post_image(stream_name, frame, content_type="video/h264")

The byte-stream must be h264 encoded with a baseline or constrained-baseline profile.

For more information on the Agent SDK, including a definition of the post_image method and its parameters, see the Agent SDK Reference.

For more information on adding a telemetry video stream, see Add a video stream.

For more information on adding a teleoperation video stream, see Add a teleoperation image stream.