Build a white-labeled robotics interface


Reach out to our Customer Success team to configure white-labeling for your Formant organization. You can reach us through the Intercom messenger in the bottom-right corner of this page, or at [email protected].

Formant offers a variety of options to customize your interface, add your company's branding, and control how your customers experience your robotics data platform.

This guide will give an overview of the different options to white-label Formant for your needs.

Give your customers view access to your dashboards

You can customize the level of access that your team members, users, and customers have to your Formant organization via role-based access control. You can create a variety of custom roles, each with its own access level, and assign users to those roles to enable or restrict their access to certain views, devices, or resources.

For more information, see Users, roles, and teams.

Custom, branded views and emails

Custom logo

You can customize the experience your users and customer have with your Formant platform by adding your own logo to your organization.


Reach out to our Customer Success team to upload a custom logo and add it to your Formant views.

Custom device views and UIs

You can build custom views with your own HTML and CSS, and serve Formant data to them via the Data SDK. This gives you full control over your device's interface design and aesthetics within the Formant platform.

For more information, see the Data SDK overview.

To help you build your custom views, we also offer the UI SDK, which is a toolkit of React components designed to facilitate presentation of Formant data.

For more information, see the UI SDK overview.

Custom email experience for users

To complete the customized user experience, you can customize the emails sent to your users and customers on behalf of your Formant organization, such as the signup and login emails.

For more information, see Create a custom workflow email template.

Build your own app using Formant as a data platform

If you want total control over your user experience, using Formant as a robotics data and control platform alongside data from other sources, you can build your own app or frontend design on top of Formant's APIs.

APIs and SDKs

Formant offers the following SDKs for ease of programming:

AgentSending and ingesting data and commands to the Formant agent installed on your device. Initiating teleoperation sessions.
Cloud PlatformSending, receiving, and managing data to and from the Formant cloud.
DataDrive a custom-built view with Formant data.
UIBuild a custom Formant view or UI.

You can also use the Admin API and Query API directly to build full-functionality custom applications which interact with Formant devices and the Formant data cloud to drive your application's backend.



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