Formant agent occupies port 9090

Issue details

It seems that, on at least one of our modules, if we start the Formant agent before starting our ROS stack, the Formant agent listens on port 9090. When launching our ROS stack after this, the Formant agent prevents rosbridge_websocket from claiming that port, which causes issues in our product.

Troubleshooting steps

When FORMANT_DEBUG is set to True, the Formant agent occupies port 9090 by default.

You can configure the port in the following ways:

Change the Formant debug port

You can configure the FORMANT_AGENT_METRICS_PORT environment variable. The default is 9090.

Change the rosbridge port

You can configure the rosbridge port by setting the ~/port parameter in ROS.

An example launch file that will run rosbridge on port 8080 would look like:

<launch> <include file="$(find rosbridge_server)/launch/rosbridge_websocket.launch" > <arg name="port" value="8080"/> </include> </launch>