Ingest from Capture

Capture allows one to live stream video from a third party device (web browser or mobile phone) to supplement data from the robot. For instance, if you want an operator to film a robot mission from their own perspective, or to film erroneous operation, this data can be stored alongside normal robot data. This allows one to observe all streams within the existing real-time observability dashboards.

There are three steps involved in a typical Capture session.

Create a temporary Capture Session Link to share with someone outside of your organization (for example, a field technician or a customer).

Send the link as an email or text message to the remote collaborator.

Remote collaborate opens the links on their browser and starts ingesting data

A capture session will ingest image and geolocation telemetry via the browser’s camera and geolocation APIs at 1Hz.

Create a Capture Session Link

To create a capture session link, click the Capture icon on the Device channel.

You will be prompted to create a session. By default, images are ingested on the stream named "capture" and geolocation data on the stream named "capture.location" (with no associated tags). Click on the Create Session button to create the session with default tags and names.

Once you click Create Session Link, you will be given a unique link to share however you like.

Designated visitors are not required to log in to access a capture link.

The visitor will have the ability to start and stop capturing via the record button, but will not be able to view any other data or take any other action during the session.

Advanced Settings

You can configure the stream name under for capture or add any relevant tags by using the advanced settings. A capture session started via a capture link will ingest data on the stream name and with the tags that were specified at the time of the link's creation. Capture links expire after 1 hour, by default. You can change this 1 day, 1 month or never.

Starting a Capture session

Open the capture link on your mobile device or laptop. If this is your first time using Capture on this device, you will be prompted by the web browser to grant access to camera and location services.

By default, images are ingested on the stream capture and geolocation data on the stream capture.location, with no associated tags.

Capture links expire after 1 hour.