ROS diagnostic message module

The ROS diagnostic message module allows you to quickly and easily view JSON-format ROS diagnostic information in a user-friendly display.

Prerequisite: Add a JSON stream

Before you can add a ROS diagnostic message stream to your module, you'll first have to configure the JSON stream and ingest data on it.

To ingest data from a JSON stream, see Getting Started: Add a ROS topic stream.

Step 1: Create a ROS diagnostic message module

  1. In Formant, navigate to the device view to which you want to add a ROS diagnostic message module. You can do this by going to Settings >> Views and selecting the view you want, or by clicking on your device, going to the desired view, and clicking the dropdown arrow next to the view >> Edit... >> Edit Layout.
  2. In the Edit Layout window, click Add Module >> ROS diagnostic message module.

Step 2: Configure your module

  1. Configure your module as follows:
JSON streamEnter the name of a JSON stream which contains ROS diagnostic message data.
Realtime modeIf set to ON, this module will disconnect from the current position on the timeline and always show current data from the ROS diagnostic message stream. Set this to ON when using in teleoperation.

When you've finished configuring your module, click Done, and then Save.

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