Create a task summary

This guide will show you how to create a task summary using the Task Summary API in Formant.


Example available!

As you follow this guide, check out the following recipe which generates a Task Summary Format, a Task Summary in that format, and then uploads both to Formant using the Task Summary API:

Step 1: Create a task summary format

Before you can create a task summary, you must first create a task summary format. A task summary format is a JSON Schema which defines how data in a task summary is organized.

Use the POST Task Summary Format endpoint to upload a new task summary format to Formant.

Step 2: Create a task summary

With the Task Summary Format ID you generated in Step 1, use the POST Task Summary endpoint to create a new task summary in the designated format.

If you provide a Formant device ID in this step, your task summary will appear as an event in the device's timeline.

Step 3: View your task summary

In Formant, navigate to your device. You should now see your task summary as an event on your device's timeline.

You can also now view your task summary in the Analytics view.

  1. Open an existing Analytics view, or create a new one.
  2. Click the pencil icon, then the + (plus) icon to add an Analytics module.
  3. You should see your task summary as an available data source for analysis. You can now visualize data from your task summary.

What’s Next