Schedule a command

You can schedule commands to happen at a later time, or periodically.

Prerequisite: Create a command

Before you can schedule a command, you have to create one as described in Issue a command.

Step 1: Create your schedule

  1. In Formant, in the upper-left corner, open the menu and click Settings.
  2. Go to Schedules and click Add Schedule.
  1. Select the device for which you want to schedule a command.
  2. Select the command you want to schedule. If needed, provide necessary parameters.
  3. Choose the date and time at which you want the command to be sent to your device, based on the time zone you select.
  4. Set the frequency with which you want your command to be issued to your device:
Does not repeatThe scheduled command will be sent only once.
Every minuteThe scheduled command will be sent every minute.
HourlyThe scheduled command will be sent every hour (e.g., 01:25, 02:25, 03:25, etc.).
DailyThe scheduled command will be sent daily at the time you specify.
WeeklyThe scheduled command will be sent weekly on the day and time you specify.
MonthlyThe scheduled command will be sent monthly on the same day of month, at the time you specify (e.g., January 11 at 02:14, February 11 at 02:14, etc.).
  1. Add a description for your schedule and click Save.

Schedule from the device view

You can also schedule a command from the device view. In the upper-right corner, click the calendar icon >> Schedule A Command.

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