How data export works

Telemetry data export

In this section, you'll learn a number of ways telemetry data can be exported from Formant. This covers downloading from the web application, querying using the Cloud SDK, Web SDK, or API, using integrations like Google Sheets, and exporting to cloud storage such as AWS S3 and GCP storage.

Telemetry data is stored in the Formant cloud in a queryable object storage format. The primary way that engineers and data scientists interact with stored data on Formant is via the query API.

The overview page and device pages already utilize the query API to serve their visualizations. By using the Cloud SDK, Web SDK, or query API directly, you'll be using the same pipes we've used to create our tools to create your own.

What is the format of exported data?

Format of exported data varies by method of export. We will describe the data format for each method in this guide.

In every case, the telemetry streams that are exported are a typed, named sequence of datapoints. Recall the list of stream types from How telemetry streams work.