Share with external users

Sharing a View or Channel allows a user to temporarily grant access to someone outside of their organization to view a subset of the organization’s data.

You may share a View or Channel by creating a Share Link.

A Share Link can be created from a regular channel or device channel and is only valid for a limited amount of time. It also only grants access to a subset of your organization’s data. Only administrators may create share links.

Create Share Link

To create a share link, visit the channel you wish to share and click the share icon next to the channel name.

You will be prompted to configure the following:

The time range and date of data in this channel you wish to share

A message to show users when they click on the share link

An expiration time for the share link

Click Create Share Link. You will be given a unique link to share however you like.

Remove Share Link

This feature is only available to administrators. If you want to remove a Share link from being public, do the following:

From the burger menu select Settings⇒ Shares ⇒ ⇒ delete

Best Practices

Configure share links with a short expiration window

Configure share links with a limited time range

Only create share links for channels with limited scope

Send share links to trusted collaborators only

Be aware that data that is ingested during the shared time range after you create the share link and will be visible via the share link.