Marker arrays in the Scene module

In the Scene module, markers are rendered based on the data ingested and the status of the useHistoric flag. Here's how it works:

Rendering data

The Scene module renders the data that has been ingested over the time period for which you are viewing the scene module, or for the current session. A session is reset when you refresh the page or navigate to a different view. This means that markers will appear in the scene at the time they are ingested.

Marker persistence

Once a marker is ingested while viewing the module, it persists in the scene until you manually delete using the marker.action field or refresh the session. Even if a new marker array is published without that specific marker, it won't automatically clear from the scene module unless you specify the delete action.

The useHistoric flag

Enabling the useHistoric flag ensures that the module always displays the latest available data, even if there hasn't been any data ingested during your current session. This means you'll see the most recent information when navigating through the timeline.

Understanding these behaviors helps you manage markers effectively within the Scene module, ensuring that you have the most accurate representation of your data at all times.


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