Forward a local web page or port to your client device

  1. Enable fctl on your local, client machine (you can utilize docker for this step if you are running on Windows)
  2. Run the following command:
ssh -NT -L 1111:<webpageIP:port> <user>@<device_name>.formant

This forwards the page accessible at webpageIP:port from <device_name> to your local device at localhost:1111.

So, for example, this command:

ssh -NT -L 1111: [email protected]

...would forward, which is accessible by the device named walter in Formant, to localhost:1111.

  1. Embed as a new custom view the URL (localhost:1111)
  2. Repeat for each view; consider adding each ssh port forwarding command to a script which a user can run to forward all relevant ports. Set up each view individually.


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