Integrate with Google Sheets

There are three use cases to connect Formant to Google Sheets.

  • Export events into Google Sheets for further analysis
  • Define annotation template definition in Google sheets
  • Publish annotations to Google Sheets

Export events into Google Sheets for further analysis

An event is an occurrence of something interesting at a given moment. An event could be generated automatically when a stream exceeds a certain threshold or meets certain criteria or patterns, or it could be an ad-hoc interesting moment as defined and specified by the user. In many cases, it is important to analyze events statistically using a tool like Google Spreadsheet. For example:

Analyze the occurrence of a specific event to improve the performance of the robot. This could be something as simple as downloading all the e-stops or counting the number of picks completed within a given time period or downloading a specific error to analyze the time range between them.
Annotate or comment on the lifecycle of the robot and download it for future analysis. This might be the time between the pick and drop or the time it took to clean specific square footage.

Define annotation template definition in Google sheets

Annotations are user-entered records that add structured human intelligence to robot telemetry data. The definition of what these annotations should be could be defined in Google Sheets. In order to annotate with data from your Google Sheet, the data must be organized in a way that Formant understands. Please see adding and defining annotation for more details.

Publish annotations to Google Sheets

Annotations can be published to Google Sheets for further statistical analysis.

Integrate with Google Sheets

From the burger menu ⇒ select Settings ⇒ Integration ⇒ Google Sheets

  • Choose the Google account to connect to Formant
  • Allow Formant edit, create, and delete access to your spreadsheets

At this point, Formant is connected to Google Spreadsheets. Export events under the events page will be displayed and annotations can be defined using definitions from Google Spreadsheet.