Issue a command

This guide will teach you how to send a command to your device.

Prerequisite: Create a command

Before you can issue a command, you'll have to create one. For more information on creating and configuring built-in and custom commands, see Create a command.

Step 1: Run your command

In the Observe view

  1. In Formant, in the upper-left corner, open the menu and select the device to which you want to send a command.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click the chevron to open the dropdown menu. Click Issue command.
  3. In the Issue a Command window, select the command you want to send to your device.

issuing a command in the device view

During teleoperation

In the teleoperation view, click the three dots in the lower-right corner >> Issue command.

You can also configure command buttons as modules in your teleoperation view. For more information, see Teleoperate a device.


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