Telemetry vs. realtime data streams

Up to this point, we've been discussing telemetry data streams. Telemetry streams are ingested by the Formant agent, saved to the cloud, and displayed to the user. While this process happens quickly, telemetry streams can contain jitter or lag when updating the Formant UI of up to a few seconds.

In the context of teleoperation, a second of lag can be a major safety issue. Formant addresses this by sending teleoperation data over realtime streams. These are high-speed, peer-to-peer data pipelines which send information with minimal latency directly from the Formant agent to the Formant UI, without detouring through the Formant cloud.

Data sent over a realtime stream is not saved to the Formant cloud. However, if you have a telemetry stream and a teleoperation stream set up for the same data source, that data stream will be sent over the realtime pipeline during teleoperation, while simultaneously being uploaded to the Formant cloud as a telemetry stream.


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