Analytics View

The Analytics View in Formant allows you to plot and visualize data from your devices.

Chart data from your device using the Analytics dashboard.

Plot data from your device using the Analytics View.

You can plot historical stream data, or you can load compiled data sets as task summaries for your devices.

You can analyze from an individual device, or from a fleet of devices by device group or tag.


The Analytics View natively supports the following data visualizations:

  • Line graph
  • Bar graph
  • Table
  • Pie chart
  • Data summary
  • Custom data visualizations using standard SQL queries

You can plot any number of data series over a time range of your choice.

Data sources

Data streams

You can plot historical data of any stream from your device. You can query historical stream data from your device automatically in the Analytics View.

Task summaries

You can upload compiled datasets for your devices in the form of task summaries. A task summary is a formatted dataset which describes a single event or a series of tasks, routines, or actions taken by your robot. A task summary can contain data from one or many streams.

You can upload new task summary formats, and task summaries in those formats, to Formant using the Task Summary API. For more information, see Task summaries.

Task summaries will appear on your device's timeline and events list.

Get access to the Analytics view

If you're interested in adding Analytics view functionality, reach out to our Customer Success team. You can reach us through the Intercom messenger in the lower-right corner of this window, or at [email protected] .