Teleoperation is a feature that lets you send velocity commands to your robot with an on-screen joystick while viewing live P2P video.

Teleoperation with Formant Free is simple. Click the large blue “Operate” button on the top right of any dashboard. From there, you’ll be brought to the teleoperation session. Your session will last 2 minutes, so be sure you do not leave your device in a compromised state by then.

Below we’ll talk about the two options for setting up your Teleop view. You can always return to manage your configuration by clicking the "Customize" button.

Choosing a Video Stream and Layout

Upon first configuration, you may be asked to choose a video stream for the full-screen video. This can come from a ROS Topic or a Hardware device.

After you select your video stream, you can choose a bandwidth quality for the steam. For bandwidth constrained environments, we recommend 480p or 360p.

Choosing a Joystick Set

You will also be given the option to choose your joystick configuration. These joysticks will output a Twist command. You can choose your joystick layout in the configuration settings.

Click the toggle to turn your joysticks on and off. In the joystick settings, you can map the joystick to a gamepad axis, choose a scale (i.e., what number does a button press send), and the exponent (what does the curve look like for partial movements).

Locking and Unlocking the Joysticks

For safety, Formant will not send Twist commands while the joysticks are locked. To unlock the joysticks and start commanding your device, toggle the “Unlock” switch in the bottom right.