Scheduling Commands

Commands can be scheduled to run at a specific time. For example, perhaps you want to reboot your robot over night, or upload data and wipe the drive. The scheduler gives you the ability to do that.

As a prerequisite -- you must have your command created (visit Commands for more information).


Commands delivered while device is offline

If a command is scheduled for a time the device happens to be offline, that command enters a queue. When the device comes back online, it will immediately receive that command.

There are two ways to schedule a command. First, is from the Scheduler page from the global settings menu. Second is from the device page.

Option 1: Scheduling from the global app menu

From the settings menu, find "Schedules"


Next, click "Add Schedule" in the top right. You'll be greeted with the following options:


The options are very simple. Be sure to add a name for easy reference later. Then choose the device you'd like to schedule this on, and the command associated with that device. Choose a date and time you'd like to to schedule the command for, add an optional description, and you're done.

Return to the "Schedules" setting page to view all of your commands.

Option 2: Schedule commands from the device page

Navigate to your device page (a quick way is to press Shift+J and type the device name). In the top right, you'll see a calendar icon for scheduling commands.


In this view, you can see all of the scheduled commands for this device in a calendar format.


Click "Schedule a Command" and follow the same steps as in Option 1 above.


Tip: See missed commands

If your device is offline and you missed a command, you can view it by clicking "Issue Command" on your offline device page. You will see a dialog that says "<#> undelivered command pending. Cancel pending commands"