Commands tell our robot to take an action. For example, we can use commands to trigger data ingestion, run a script, or tell our robot to return to its home position.

We can send commands with the click of a button from the Observe view, or during teleoperation. We can also use events to trigger commands to be sent to our device based on data stream values or other custom triggers.

Formant natively offers three commands:

Command DefinitionDescriptionParameters
formant.get_fileGet a file from the device. This causes a file to be ingestedAbsolute file path on the device
formant.publish_ros_topicPublishes a message to a ROS topicString to be published to the specified ROS topic
formant.run_scriptRun a script on the deviceAbsolute file path on the device. The script should start with shebang.

In addition to these commands, you can add custom commands via the Formant Admin API. For custom commands and advanced configuration, see the Commands section of the advanced telemetry guide.