Configuring stream rate (Throttling)

Recall that Formant telemetry streams have a throttle mechanism.

When the agent receives a new datapoint, it checks if at least 1/(stream rate) seconds have elapsed since the previous datapoint was successfully received on this stream. If not enough time has passed, the datapoint is throttled, which means dropped.

Configuring stream rate for a single telemetry stream

Every form for telemetry stream configuration we've seen so far has this field:


Stream rate configuration

Entering a value for "Rate limit (Hz)" will set the stream rate to the entered value. The minimum stream rate is 0Hz, which would mean no datapoints can be received.

The maximum stream rate is 20Hz.

The default stream rate is 0.5Hz.

Changing a device's default stream rate

It's possible to change the default stream rate for all telemetry streams on a given device. To reach this configuration field,

  1. Open the Formant sidebar using the button in the top left of the screen
  2. Select Settings ⇒ Devices ⇒ Click on the device name
  3. Click the "General" tab

Default rate for stream rate

Priority of stream rate settings

Setting stream rate for the whole device does not change the stream rates on streams that have a different stream rate set. The effective stream rate is prioritized as such:

individual stream's rate > device stream rate > default throttle (5Hz).

Clearing stream rate

To remove custom stream rate settings, remove the stream rate from the "Rate limit (Hz)" field and then save.