Managing a native installation

When installing the Formant agent natively on Linux, as in Installing the Formant agent, the agent runs as a systemctl service called formant-agent.

There is another systemctl service called formant-sidecar which manages OTA updates from the Formant web app.

Enabling and disabling the agent running on startup

By default, after installation, the formant-agent service is enabled to run on startup.

To set the agent to run on startup:
sudo systemctl enable formant-agent

To set the agent to not run on startup:
sudo systemctl disable formant-agent

Starting and stopping the agent

By default, the agent will be enabled and run on startup.

To start the agent:
sudo systemctl start formant-agent

To stop the agent:
sudo systemctl stop formant-agent

To restart the agent:
sudo systemctl restart formant-agent

Retrieving agent logs

journalctl -feu formant-agent

Uninstalling the formant agent

sudo apt remove --purge formant-agent formant-sidecar