Managing a docker installation

These commands can be used to manage a Formant agent that was installed via the Docker convenience script (

Enabling and disabling the agent running on startup

By default, after installation, the agent runs on startup.

To set the agent to run on startup:
docker update --restart=yes formant-agent

To set the agent to not run on startup:
docker update --restart=no formant-agent

Starting and stopping the agent

By default, the agent will be enabled and run on startup.

To start the agent:
docker start formant-agent

To stop the agent:
docker stop formant-agent

To restart the agent:
docker restart formant-agent

Retrieving agent logs

docker logs -f formant-agent

Uninstalling the formant agent

This command stops any running formant-agent containers and removes the formant-agent image:
docker rm -f formant-agent

To remove the agent credentials as well, run:
rm -rf /var/lib/formant