Monitor network statistics during teleoperation

This guide will teach you how to monitor your network connection and health during teleoperation.

At a glance

During teleoperation, the footer of the page shows a live look at your current network connection status.

The teleoperation footer

The teleoperation footer.

By hovering over the PING indicator, you can see a snapshot of your network connection:

Hovering over the ping indicator

Hovering over the PING indicator.

By hovering over the P2P/RELAY indicator, you can see whether you have a direct peer-to-peer (P2P) connection with your device, or if your teleoperation session is being conducted through a network relay:

Hovering over the p2p indicator

Hovering over the P2P indicator.


Network relays may cause degradation in network connection, video quality, and teleoperation performance.

In detail

You can see greater detail of network performance by clicking the three dots in the lower-right corner >> Show teleop statistics. This will pop up a window in your teleoperation view containing detailed video encoder and network performance data over the past minute.

The network statistics pop-up window

The network statistics pop-up window.

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