Configure the overview page

This guide will teach you how to configure and customize your overview page experience.

Step 1: Navigate to overview settings

  1. In Formant, in the upper-left corner, open the menu and click Settings.
  2. Click Overview.

Step 2: Configure your overview page

Primary view

The primary view is the larger, main interface of the overview page. You can view your devices on a map or in a list, or you can add a custom view

The primary view on the overview page

The primary view on the overview page.

Enable Map ViewSet this to ON to add the map view to your overview page.
Enable List ViewSet this to ON to add a list of all devices in your organization to your overview page.
Seconds between health checksFormant will only display a device as offline if it has not heard a response from that device within the time period you specify here.
Show filtersSet this to ON to enable device filtering by tags to your overview page. For more information on tags, see Configure access levels.

Secondary view

The secondary view is an optional sidebar view you can add to your overview page to show online status and notification data for your devices. You can configure it to show this information by device group, by individual devices, or by notifications.

the secondary view on the overview page

The secondary view on the overview page.

Show sidebarSet this to ON to enable the secondary view.
Sidebar closed by defaultSet this to ON to keep the secondary view hidden by default, and only display it when clicked by the user.
Overview secondary modeGroups: Show devices groups, organized by tags.
Devices: Show individual devices.
Notifications: Show a list of all notifications.


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