An event is something interesting or notable that happens in Formant. A device's battery running low, a data stream exceeding a certain value, or a device coming online are all possible examples of events. You can use events to mark these interesting moments on your device's timeline, reduce how closely you have to monitor your device's status or data streams, and stay on top of important information.

You can also configure events to send notifications within Formant or to another messenger.

Events can have multiple severity levels:

  1. Info -- for simple informational or debugging level events.
  2. Warning -- events that may require attention, but will not affect the mission.
  3. Error -- events that may require attention and affect the nominal running of the mission.
  4. Critical -- events that have halted the mission and/or need immediate resolution.

As previously mentioned, events are "triggered" upon the satisfaction of some type of condition. Events can be triggered off the value of a stream or device online/offline occurances.

Further reading

For more information about events and how to set them up, see Events and notifications.