Custom roles

In cases where the default Formant roles do not suffice for your use case, you might want to create custom roles. For example, consider a scenario where you might want to automatically provision new devices using a server and for security reasons only want the server have access to Formant device creation APIs.

To create a custom role,

  • Step 1: Go to Settings ⇒ Roles ⇒ Create Role
  • Step 2: Choose the access policy for each resource
  • Step 3: Save

This will create a custom role and will be visible under the Roles page. One way to achieve the specific example mentioned above in the first paragraph is to enable "Administer" access to Devices and "None" to all the other resources.

Under certain resources, you will see the option to "Edit tags". The "Edit tags" capability allows users to administer access to those resources. For more information about why this is interesting, please review the article that details scoping down access to specific assets.