Add teammates

If you're on a brand new organization, when you log into Formant, you'll see the following button:

Click this button to navigate to User settings.

If you don’t see this button:

  1. In Formant, in the upper-left corner, open the menu and click Settings.
  2. Select Users on the left side of the Settings page.

Add your teammates with the Add User button in the top right of the settings.

Follow the instructions on the Formant web app to enter the email address, role, and optionally, phone number of each teammate.

Roles in Formant

You can configure roles for your teammates in Formant which grant various access levels:

RoleAccess level
ViewerAble to view data for specified devices.
OperatorAble to view data for, and teleoperate, specified devices.
AdministratorAble to view data for, and teleoperate, all devices. Able to add and modify views and modules, users, tags, devices, etc.

Each teammate you added will receive an email invite from [email protected] with the subject "Welcome to Formant".


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