Ingesting basic datapoints


The Agent SDK has a method for each datapoint type that can be ingested to Formant.

The full list of method names for ingesting data is:

  • post_text
  • post_json
  • post_numeric
  • post_numericset
  • post_image
  • post_bitset
  • post_geolocation
  • post_battery
  • post_transform_frame

In each of these methods, the first argument is the stream name, and the subsequent arguments are the datapoint values you wish to post. For instance,

fclient.post_numeric("Numeric stream name", 1.0)

would post a numeric datapoint with value 1.0 to the stream named "Numeric stream name".

To see all methods on the Agent SDK and their signatures, see the Agent SDK Reference.


For an example, check out the script which sends several datapoints to the Formant Agent:

from formant.sdk.agent.v1 import Client as FormantClient

if __name__ == "__main__":
    fclient = FormantClient()

    # Ingest text datapoint
    fclient.post_text("example.text", "Send text example processed")

    # Ingest numeric datapoint
    fclient.post_numeric("example.numeric", 3.0)

    # Ingest numericset datapoint, 'percent' and '%' units adds
    # additional donut visualization
            "frequency": (998, "Hz"),
            "usage": (30, "percent"),
            "warp factor": (6.0, None),

    # Ingest bitset datapoint
        "example.bitset", {"standing": False, "walking": False, "sitting": True}

    # Ingest geolocation datapoint
    fclient.post_geolocation("example.geolocation", 22.835, 33.631667)  # lat, long

    print("Successfully ingested datapoints.")


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