SDK Versions, Distributions, Changelogs, and Licensing

This document applies to the following open-source projects by Formant on npm:

  • @formant/data-sdk
  • @formant/ui-sdk-realtime-player-core
  • @formant/ui-sdk-realtime-player-core-worker

Versioning Scheme

We use Semantic Versioning for these libraries. Version numbers (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH) will be issued using the following rules:

  • MAJOR version: incompatible API changes and/or deprecated APIs.
  • MINOR version: functionality added in a backward compatible manner.
  • PATCH version: backward compatible bug fixes and security patches.

Distribution Tags

These packages will also maintain and update several distribution tags, defined as the following:

  • latest: the most recently released tested version of the package. This is the recommended release.
  • stable: the "stable" historical version of this package. This can be the same as the latest version, but will be "promoted" at a later date.
  • next: future unreleased/development versions which may contain new features and may be untested development builds.

You can install/depend on these versions by using the following example install scripts:

npm install --save @formant/[email protected]

To switch to the next development version:

npm install --save @formant/[email protected]


Changelogs will be published for each release in accordance with the changelog specification. See repository links for details.


These libraries are released under the MIT license. See the packaged LICENSE.txt file of each package for details.