Connect over a local network


This page assumes knowledge of TypeScript and React Native.

If the standard method of teleoperation connection via WebRTC over the internet is not available to you, you can use the Data SDK to start a teleoperation session over a local network. You'll accomplish this by using the getPeerDevice function.


To learn more about the standard teleoperation functionality in the Formant app, see the Teleoperation section of the Getting Started guide.

Through a web browser

On our GitHub page, you can find an example of how to make a local connection which is controlled through a web browser here: GitHub: teleop_peer. The connection is handled by the getPeerDevice function in /src/main.ts.

This application launches a local web page which offers basic joystick teleoperation control of a robot on the local network, without going through the Formant cloud.

Through a React Native application

You can find an example of local teleoperation connection through a React Native app in the following repository: GitHub: FormantMobile. This example can connect through either the Formant cloud or a LAN connection to initiate a teleoperation session with a device in Formant. The connection is handled by the getPeerDevice function in App.tsx.

Once the device connection is established, the application then uses React Native to implement a simple monitoring and control interface on a mobile device.


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