Create service account using fctl

You can use fctl to programmatically create a service account. A service account will allow you to authenticate data interactions with your Formant organization without using your login credentials.

For more information on service accounts, see Users, service accounts, and teams.


Install fctl

Follow the steps in fctl overview and installation to install the fctl command-line tool.

Prepare to save account credentials


This is the only time you will be able to copy the password for your service account. Be prepared to copy the email and password for your service account to a secure file. You will need these credentials to authenticate your service account and access Formant.

Step 1: Create a service account

To create a service account, use the create service-account command with the following syntax:

fctl create service-account <account-name> --role <desired-role> --output <output-format>

...where the parameters are used as follows:

<account-name>Enter the name of the service account you want to create.
<desired-role>Enter the name of the role you want to assign to this service account. Must match an existing role in your Formant organization.
(Optional) --output(Optional) This flag indicates that the following entry will be your desired output format. If you do not set the --output flag, the credentials will be returned as plain text.
(Optional) <output-format>Required if the --output flag is used. Enter either json or text.

Step 2: Get credentials

When your service account is successfully created, the credentials will be printed in the terminal. If you used the --output json flag in Step 1, this output will be in JSON format.

Save these credentials to a secure file.


This is the only time you will be able to save these credentials!


Suppose you want to create a service account called server1 with administrator privileges, and you want to receive the credentials as plain text. You would run the following command:

fctl create service-account server1 --role administrator


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