Installing and credentialing fctl

fctl is a command line utility for interacting with the Formant platform. It may be used to query live and historical telemetry data, manage agent configuration or ingest offline data.

Install fctl

Convenience Script

Note: this is the recommended method. Installing via apt and homebrew is deprecated, but will still provided main functionality.

bash <(curl -s

This will intstall fctl on your system and prompt you for admin credentials. This will also configure your ~/.ssh/config for ssh over Formant's peer-to-peer connection.


Installing via Apt and Homebrew is deprecated

The convenience script above will install on both Linux and Mac for you, as well as set up some environment settings to initialize and make SSH much easier. The following is included for completeness.


You can follow the same repo setup steps for the agent found here.

Next, update and install the fctl debian package:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install fctl


Setup the Formant tap and install via homebrew:

brew tap formantio/formant
brew install formantio/formant/fctl


First you'll need to initialize the fctl container with a volume mount on your local machine to store tokens (make sure to include a ' ' before the command so it doesn't save to your history):

 docker run -it -v <permanent_storage>:/root/.formant -e FORMANT_EMAIL=<admin_email> -e FORMANT_PASSWORD=<admin_password> formant/fctl init

Replace <permanent_storage> with a mount path on your local host system, and fill in your admin credentials.

Verify Installation (Mac/Linux):

Check that fctl is available by running:

fctl -h

You should see:

fctl supports command-line interaction with the Formant Cloud APIs

fctl [command]

Available Commands:
apply Apply configuration to devices
completion Generate completion scripts
create Create a resource
describe Describe a resource
help Help about any command
init Reinitialize fctl credentials
list List a resource
port-forward Port forward to your device, used for SSH, SCP, and network tunneling.
provision Provision a resource
query Query ingested datapoints
version Get fctl version

-h, --help display detailed help for fctl

Use "fctl [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Credential fctl (Mac/Linux)

fctl requires admin level privileges on your Formant account. We never store your email/password on disk so you initialize by running:

fctl init