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Continue with one of our platform capability guides.


Gain a deeper understanding of core parts of Formant.

Get started with the telemetry data guide to learn how to leverage Formant’s ingestion pipeline, visualizations, cloud APIs, analytics, and other telemetry capabilities.

Learn how the agent is installed and managed on robots.

API & SDK walkthroughs

See walkthroughs and examples of using Formant’s APIs and SDKs to ingest any data, query your data, develop custom teleop, and more.

Get started with the Agent SDK, which allows engineers to develop robot-side applications using Formant agent APIs.

Query telemetry data and conduct analyses with the Cloud SDK. Perfect for data scientists.

Create your own application on top of Formant, using Formant's data pipes. Leverage Formant's real-time SDK allows any web application to establish and utilize real-time connections to devices over the internet or locally.

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