Mouse Clicks

Mouse click mechanism

A teleoperation view can be configured to send the location of a mouse click to a ROS topic or API endpoint. The click will fire if the cursor is positioned within the image frame. The data will be sent as a float between 0 and 1 in the X and Y dimensions, indexed from the top left of the image. Anything outside of the image will be ignored.

In ROS specifically, the click will be sent over as a geometry_msgs/PointStamped message.

Common uses include create image-based UIs (where the pixel clicked is determined) or clicking on map locations.


Make sure you are in "Fit Image Mode"

The mouse click needs to be in "fit image mode" in order to register the clicks. In the bottom-right corner, there's a meatball menu. Be sure to select "Fit Image Mode" for mouse clicks to be registered.


Configuration is simple. Click the "plus" icon to add a new mouse-click listener, and choose API or ROS and choose the channel or topic, respectively. Then, click the pencil/edit icon on the listener to choose the video stream to register clicks for.