Installing the Agent

The Formant agent is a process running on your device. This agent is responsible for packaging all of the selected robot data and sending it to Formant. This is an essential component for enabling your device to talk to the cloud.

To see more about installing the agent, visit the full documentation here .


After running the installation script, click “Continue” on the bottom of the page. Formant will wait until it receives a heartbeat from your device after the installation has succeeded. Once it has, it will do a scan of any ROS network and active hardware on your device. Then, after a basic health checkup, you will be good to go and brought to a Vitals Dashboard for that agent.

If you are experiencing trouble installing the agent, visit our troubleshooting page: Formant Free Troubleshooting Guide.

Advanced: Installing the Agent in a Docker Container

If you want to run the agent in a docker container, there are two primary ways to do so: install formant-agent from Formant’s apt source, or install Formant’s standalone docker image.

For full detailed instructions about how to do so, visit