Formant Free Troubleshooting Guide

Agent installation fails

There are many different ways an agent installation could fail. Most commonly, something during the installation process fails and the agent installation script has to exit (for example, there’s an error in your apt sources). If this happens, sometimes the provision token can be consumed or cached data from the installation process could make it difficult to re-install the agent. The best thing to do is to resolve the original error, remove the formant agent cache, delete the device (if possible), and try installation again.

To remove the agent from your device, run

$ sudo apt remove —purge formant-agent
Device is no longer recognized by Formant
Firstly, make sure the devices network connection is stable. Then, check the agent logs to make sure there is no error with running the agent. If there is, such as a missing dependency, try resolving it and restarting the agent. If you are still having issues, delete your device and reinstall the agent. If none of those resolutions work, reach out to support and we’ll help resolve your issue.

Topic not listed in ROS Topic Sender

The ROS Topic sender module will list any topic with the String message type that has at least one subscriber. It will also allow you to publish to /formant/command to send generic commands to your system. If you still do not see your String topic, try refreshing the page or restarting your device.

Service not listed in ROS Service Caller

The ROS services are stored in a cache at startup. If you have changed your list of services, or they have not yet shown up, you can hit the refresh button to see if they appear.

ROS Service Caller is telling me to install dependencies

If there was an error running the service caller on your device, it is likely because of missing dependencies. The service caller depends on pip and rosgraph, so be sure those are installed and then restart your device.

Image not appearing for image stream

You likely have an image encoding not supported yet by Formant. Check your agent logs to see if there are any encoding errors or warnings. If so, change your encoding to