Adding, Removing, and Reinstalling Devices

There are no limits to the number of unique devices you can add to your Formant account. To add a new device, click the hamburger menu from the top left of any vitals screen. At the bottom is a button labeled “Add Device.” Here, you will be brought to a new installation screen just like your first one. See Installing the Agent above for more information.

To remove or reinstall a device, you will want to both remove it from Formant and uninstall the agent running on the device. Removing a device from Formant is easy: simply open the hamburger menu and click the trashcan icon next to that device name in the list.

To uninstall the agent on your device, run sudo apt remove formant-agent —purge to uninstall and delete the Formant directory. Purging and deleting the directory will clear any saved provisioning token, allowing you to cleanly reinstall another agent if desired.